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Cerritos Electric Utility:
No Door-to-Door Solicitation

February 16, 2021

  • Please be aware: the City of Cerritos has not authorized door-to-door solicitation for the Cerritos Electric Utility (CEU). For information about the CEU, please call Cerritos City Hall at (562) 860‑0311. To report suspicious individuals, call the Cerritos Sheriff's Station at (562) 860-0044.

COVID-19 Temporary Special Circumstance Parking Permit

February 4, 2021

  • Cerritos residents can request a Temporary Special Circumstance parking permit to park on the streets overnight during the COVID-19 pandemic. The permit does not exempt a vehicle from the street sweeping ordinance. To apply for a Temporary Special Circumstance permit, click here.

Los Angeles County alerts public about COVID-19 vaccine scams

December 23, 2020

L.A. County Treasurer and Assessor warn of property tax scam

  • It's being reported that unknown people are attempting to fraudulently collect in-person property tax payments at taxpayers' homes, claiming that the homeowner must pay their property taxes in-person because the COVID-19 pandemic has closed County offices to the public.
  • The County of L.A. Treasurer and Tax Collector does NOT conduct in-person visits to collect property tax payments. If you are contacted at your home about this, do not make a payment to the person requesting it, and notify the Cerritos Sheriff's Station immediately at (562) 860-0044.

Parking enforcement returns
Monday, March 15, 2021

Enforcement of street sweeping parking restrictions will begin on Monday, February 22, 2021. The City’s overnight parking restrictions will not be enforced through Sunday, March 14, 2021. Citations will not be issued for vehicles parked on the street overnight without a permit. Overnight parking enforcement will begin again on Monday, March 15, 2021. The delay in enforcement is due to a very large volume of parking permit applications which require time to be processed. Residents are reminded to apply for their 2021 annual parking permits via the online portal.

February 22, 2021

Los Angeles County alerts public about increasing COVID-19 scams, warns of fraudulent websites, emails and donations

March 25, 2020

County of Los Angeles Declares Local Health Emergency in Response to New Novel Coronavirus Activity

New Web-Based Parking Permit Program Available

  • Apply for an annual, special circumstances or temporary parking permit online.
  • For more information, please contact the Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266.

Protect your small pets from coyotes

Cerritos Sheriff's Station is safe zone for online transaction exchanges

The Cerritos Sheriff's Station lobby and parking lot are available as safe locations for buyers and sellers to meet to complete online transactions. The Cerritos Sheriff's Station lobby is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Cerritos Sheriff's Station is located at 18135 Bloomfield Avenue. The phone number is (562) 860-0044. Click here for tips to follow when meeting a stranger to complete an online transaction exchange.

Crime Alert – Vehicle Burglaries

The Cerritos Sheriff's Station has noted an increase in vehicle burglaries in the community. Suspect(s) are forcefully entering vehicles primarily to steal valuable items that are left in plain view. Suspects often work in pairs or small groups and loiter in areas on foot or in their cars while repeatedly passing up available parking spaces.

Help assist our deputies in preventing this type of crime by doing the following:

  • Conceal valuable items from view (phones, purses, briefcases, laptop computers, personal electronic devices, etc.).
  • Record the license plate number or description of a suspicious vehicle or person.
  • Call the Cerritos Sheriff's Station immediately at (562) 860-0044 to report any suspicious activity.

City of Cerritos Operation Night Light (PDF)

Cerritos Sheriff's Station Crime Alert regarding false street closures (PDF)

Changes Made to City Wide Pride Program – Nominate a Property

Article: California crime on the rise

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Weekly Crime Summary (PDF)

Burglary prevention (Video)

Prevent a residential burglary

Prevent the theft of third-row seats (PDF)

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