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911 assistance available in multiple languages

Updated February 25, 2011

In Cerritos, there have been incidents in which residential burglars operating during daytime hours encounter non-English speaking senior citizens inside a home. This has occurred after the burglar(s) attempted to determine if anyone was inside the residence by knocking on the front door for a period of time and not receiving a response. In some of these instances, after the crime was completed, the senior victims called their children, who in turn contacted the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station to report the crime.

If someone is knocking on your door and you do not want to answer it, say something or make a noise that will let the person know that the home is occupied: turn the volume up on a radio or television, slam a door or make any other sound that can be heard from the porch.

In the event of a crime, it is important to call 911 immediately. Non-English speakers can receive immediate language assistance by announcing their language (“Mandarin,” “Korean,” “Tagalog,” etc.) when the operator answers. The dispatcher will immediately connect the caller to an interpreter to ensure a rapid response by deputies.

Please share this information with non-English speaking family members so they can receive the prompt emergency service the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station provides.

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