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Conduct an "exit check" before leaving your home

Updated January 20, 2011

Open and unlocked doors and windows assist a burglar by allowing easy access to your home. Most burglars will seek out an open or unlocked door or window before attempting to force entry into a residence.

The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station/Community Safety Center encourages you to develop a routine known as an "exit check" every time you leave your residence, and regardless of how long you intend to be gone. Walk into each room and make a quick inspection of all external doors and windows, and make sure that they are all locked.

Locking pins or any hardware designed to keep a closed window held tightly to the frame will inhibit any lateral or vertical motion. This motion is what a burglar relies upon when using a prying tool. Solid core doors equipped with deadbolts also make it very difficult for a burglar to force entry into a home.

By taking just a couple of minutes to check the perimeter of your home, you can save yourself a great deal of trauma and avoid victimization.

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