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Open garage doors are open invitations

Updated February 27, 2017

Staff at the Cerritos Sheriff's Station/Community Safety Center would like residents to be aware that patrol deputies and Volunteers on Patrol have reported an increase in the number of residential garage doors that are being left open during the day and at night. We urge you to consider the potential consequences of leaving those doors open and unattended. Even when owners have been home or in the backyard, there have been instances where perpetrators have entered an open garage to steal items. In related cases, suspects have entered open garages to access a home. In some instances, the victims have been asleep upstairs.

Make it a point to properly close your garage door if you are not planning to maintain visual contact with the front of your home. If you see your neighbor's garage door open, try to contact them and pass on this important message. If you are unable to contact them, be a good neighbor and keep an eye on their property.

If you do see something suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the Cerritos Sheriff's Station immediately at (562) 860-0044. To report a crime in progress or anything that you feel could be a crime in progress, dial 911 at once.

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